Wednesday, September 13, 2006


bonus track

received from Török Levente (H), this is the fourth artwork received from him

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Suzlee Ibrahim

received from Suzlee Ibrahim (Malaysia),


Yves Maraux

received from Yves Maraux (France)


Vera Regina Presotto

from Vera Regina Presotto (Brasil)


Therezinha Fogliato Lima

from Therezinha Fogliato Lima (Brasil)


Thereza Christina Jacob

received from Thereza Christina Jacob (Brasil)


Theresine Bof Reis

from Theresine Bof Reis (Brasil)


Sirlei Caetano

received from Sirlei Caetano (Brasil)


Raquel Lima

received from Raquel Lima (Brasil)


Tania Luzzatto

from Tania Luzzatto (Brasil)


Neiva Mattioli Leite

from Neiva Mattioli Leite (Brasil)


Miriam Tagliati

received from Miriam Tagliati (Italy)


Dr. Baron Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr.

The Loves of Degas

Derby at The Colorado Springs School

Colorado College

Dr. Baron Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr.


Marithé Bergamin

received from Marithé Bergamin (Brasil)


Maria Julieta R.D. Ferreira

from Maria Julieta R.D. Ferreira (Brasil)


Maria do Carmo Toniolo Kuhn

from Maria do Carmo Toniolo Kuhn (Brasil)


Maria Darmeli Araujo

from Maria Darmeli Araujo (Brasil)


Mara Eliane Radé

from Mara Eliane Radé (Brasil)


Mara Caruso

received from Mara Caruso (Brasil)


Luiza G. P. Gutierrez

from Luiza G. P. Gutierrez (Brasil)


Jeanete Ecker Köhler

from Jeanete Ecker Köhler (Brasil)


Jane Beatriz Sperandino Balconi

from Jane Beatriz Sperandino Balconi (Brasil)


Iara A. Délia

received from Iara A. Délia (Brasil)


Deo Miranda

from Deo Miranda (Brasil)


Eva Wyett Christopherson

from Eva Wyett Christopherson (USA)


Dénes Imre

from Dénes Imre (Hungary)


Costas Evangelatos

from Costas Evangelatos (Greece)


Ryosuke Cohen

received from Ryosuke Cohen (Japan)


Anne Héléne Davin

from Anne Héléne Davin (France)


Török Levente

from Török Levente (Hungary)

Friday, March 17, 2006


Domenico Severino

from Domenico Severino (Italy)

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